Introducing Pangolin, a feedback management tool for WordPress websites

We are excited to announce that the first release of Pangolin is finally here! After over a year of many late nights and countless cups of coffee, we are proud to introduce Pangolin – a visual feedback management system built specifically for WordPress sites.

Why Pangolin?

Conventionally, keeping track of feedback and bug reports can be a daunting and time-consuming process. Having to consolidate emails from clients and team members, as well as the inevitable back and forth while determining technical details, means that countless hours are wasted even before updates and fixes can start to be actioned.

Pangolin serves to streamline this process by allowing feedback to be logged, managed and delegated directly on the website on which you’re working.

What does it do?

With Pangolin active on your website, clients and team members can place feedback markers directly onto elements of the website itself. All technical information, from device spec to viewport size, is logged automatically with each submitted item, eliminating the need to decipher feedback and allowing you to get straight to action.

Submit feedback directly on your website
Submit feedback directly on your website

Once captured, all details relating to the feedback are presented to you on an item card. Here you can delegate the item to a team member, as well as control the flow of the task by managing the status and priority. Using the comment system you can continue the conversation around the item and keep moving things forward. Assignable user roles ensure that the appropriate sections are managed by the correct people.

The item view lets you update, delegate and comment on tasks

The list view gives you an overview of what needs to be done. Tabs at the top separate items into New, Open, and Archived states. Below this we have created a filter and sort bar so you can find just what you need. Whether it be your assigned items, a certain item status, or even just the items on the page you’re viewing. Should you need something more specific, you can use the search bar to find items by their feedback description.

The list view provides a concise overview of your tasks
The list view provides a concise overview of your tasks

The notification panel keeps you on track with what is relevant to you. If you’re subscribed to an item you will be notified of the latest changes to that item. Users who have been assigned as managers are automatically notified of new items regardless of item subscription.

Keep up to date with all changes to your subscribed items
Keep up to date with all changes to your subscribed items

Under the hood

Pangolin was built from the ground up using React, and fully embraces the new WordPress REST API introduced in WordPress 4.4. This allowed us to build a lightweight and snappy interface that sits right on top of the frontend of your site when you need it.

Where to now?

We’re already working on some new features, most notably taking screenshots with your submission and email notifications. We’re committed to making this the best visual feedback tool available.

We will also be covering a wide range of subjects on this blog to help you build better websites, manage clients, and co-ordinate your team. If you’re a developer you can look forward to a series of posts on how you can use React and the new REST API in WordPress development.

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